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Dental Branding is another part of my team!

Even though I am a dentist, I got my undergraduate degree in business and took several marketing courses along my business path. With this background, I had started a somewhat broad marketing strategy for my practice, or so I thought. The main problem I was having was putting everything together and making it flow. Dental Branding did an outstanding job in helping me do that. They were a tremendous asset in helping me improve my website and business cards. They also helped me start a referral program that has been extremely helpful for my practice, and they just finished helping me with a hygiene card. Beyond that, Dental Branding does not only help create marketing materials, they also train your staff on how to use them and they help you track the results.

The question I often ask others that work with a marketing company is, would you use them again? I most definitely would and will continue to do so. I recommend Dental Branding to those that need help starting a marketing plan and those that have one but need help putting it all together. I feel like Dental Branding is another part of my team!

— Dr. Beaty

An Exceptional Marketing Company

Dental Branding is an exceptional marketing company. Their team is friendly and knowledgeable, always quick to help out when needed and answer all of our questions. They bring expert insight with their recommendations and ideas, which allow us to grow our practice above my expectations.

The marketing brochures and other materials they created for us were customized specifically for our practice, but it didn't end there. They followed up their materials with staff trainings, teaching us how to most effectively use each material and maximize our return on investment. This is what sets them apart.

Their customer service and our fantastic results are the reasons why I would recommend them.

— Dr. Jay Nitzkin

Pivotal in the transition and growth of my new practice

Dental Branding has been pivotal in the transition and growth of my new practice. My Marketing Strategist has worked with me from the ground up, starting with creating a beautiful logo and ironing out the brand that I wanted for my practice. Over the years, we have completed many projects suitable for the age of my practice and the growth that I have wanted to see, utilizing internal and external marketing systems. The advice and guidance in marketing for my practice has proved invaluable.

— Dr. Lindsay Spears

We have averaged more than 100 new patients a month

I have worked with Dental Branding for more than a year now and am delighted with the work they've carried out so far. I built a dental office and started my practice from scratch in June of 2013 . Prior to opening, I worked with Dental Branding on establishing a solid Brand Definition, Mission and Vision for my practice. This was essential to establish a presence in the area allowing for my marketing efforts to be successful. Since working with Dental Branding, we have averaged more than 100 new patients a month -- many of whom were brought in by the Direct Mail Postcard.

My marketing team strategized, designed and executed a Direct Mail Campaign to announce my new practice. They also created our website, which is constantly receiving compliments about its clean design and easy-to-use navigation. A beautiful Ad Design has also made it possible for my new practice to gain the exposure needed to bring in new patients and increase awareness.

By allowing Dental Branding to take care of my marketing and advertising, all of my designs, ads, and cards are clean, consistent, high-quality pieces that match my brand. Everything works synergistically and allows for more powerful advertising. The team at Dental Branding understands the high standards my company has, and they are efficient at delivering well-within time limits. I would highly recommend working with them!

— Dr. Ross Quartano

I wish we had started working with you sooner

I just wanted to write a quick note to tell you how pleased we are with our new website! How I wish we had started this project with Dental Branding earlier.

In this large, busy practice, I’m often pulled in many directions, and I haven’t been able to be as involved in the website as I would like. But you were so articulate and knowledgeable during the initial phone conferences that you inspired a lot of confidence, and it was easy for me to turn things over to you and know that we were in great hands.

— Creekside Dental

I would recommend them without hesitation

It is refreshing to find a service business that sincerely attempts to fulfill its promises with integrity and concern. Our interactions with Dental Branding have not only been helpful but also efficient. They have helped us to identify and market our practice with professionalism, and to expand into today’s world of social technologies. We have found our relationship with Dental Branding to be rewarding, and I would recommend them without hesitation.

— Dr. Gus LaRocca

Dental Branding has been a lifesaver!

Dental Branding has been a lifesaver! There are so many balls to juggle when running a dental office. Having the help and support of an excellent team that guides me to know how, when, and what to do to further clarify and promote who we are as a practice is invaluable. I appreciate that they have taken the time to really get to know our office and the individuals who work there, especially my husband Dr. Brent Bell who is the heart of all we do. It makes it so much easier to train our staff on what they should be doing as they interact with patients. I also appreciate that I have a devoted team at Dental Branding, with each member responsible for a different aspect of the process. I always know that I can get help when I need it. Mostly, they have done an above board job of pinpointing who we are and bringing it to life through print and other media. I would highly recommend them to anyone who wants to be in charge of the growth and development of their practice.

— Amanda Bell, Business Manager - Bell Family Dentistry

I would recommend them without reservation

My relationship with Dental Branding began when I had a need for a website. It developed into a terrific relationship with an amazing group of people and friends and resulted in an amazing website.

In the process of developing this site we all got to know more about each other. They learned about me and what I wanted to develop and call my "brand". It was a time of discovery.

They are all true professionals, talented in their own rite, in their specific area. Their collaboration as a team not only enhances the product and the service for the customer, but allows them to offer so much more.

I have enjoyed the process and have been so happy with their suggestions and insights. I still call them to consult, even after the development of the website. The team at Dental Branding has also assisted us with stationery, letterhead, business cards, referral program and has offered help with Facebook and my mobile app.

I am very satisfied with my business relationship and will continue to consult with them as my needs grow. I would recommend them without reservation. My sincerest gratitude.

— Dr. Barbara Fueredi

They literally hit the nail on the head with everything!

Dental Branding has been a great company to work with. From the very first phone call we could tell how much they genuinely cared about helping our practice, and they always listened closely to what we had to say. They helped us create the correct perception we wanted to portray of our practice and every marketing project we did with them was in line with our goals. They literally hit the nail on the head with everything!

— Dr. Frank Fuscaldo - Holly Beach Dental

Been working with them for over a year and I am incredibly pleased

I’ve been working with Dental Branding for over a year now and am incredibly pleased with their strategy-driven services and support. Their skilled team has helped me develop and utilize my unique practice brand to accurately portray the feel of my practice, as well as implement numerous marketing systems both internally and externally. We’ve created various marketing tools such as recall cards, reactivation cards, direct mail campaigns and case presentation materials that work! I’m most pleased with the SEO work done on my website, which has proven to not only bring in new patients but bring in quality patients. It’s made a significant difference in my practice growth and I would encourage anyone looking to boost traffic to their website to work with Dental Branding.

— Dr. Evan Robbins - Keystone Dental

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